Dr. Ruht has extensive experience in treating acute, subacute and chronic knee injuries including traumatic, overuse and athletic damage to the knee. Surgical and non-surgical treatment includes light-weight customized and off -the -shelf knee braces with on-site casting, custom fitting and modifications by our Certified Full-time Orthotist.  Dr. Ruht's office is an Accredited and Certified Member of ABC*, a prestigious organization with stringent certification requirements.

Dr. Ruht provides non-surgical treatment for knee injuries including intra-articular injections of hyaluronic products (i.e.: synvisc, hyalgan, supartz, and euflexa) and steroids. Dr. Ruht is experienced in reconstructive knee surgeries including arthroscopic, microfracture, cartilage transplant, alignment reconstruction, and total knee replacements (mini-incision--gender specific, using state of the art custom prosthesis.

You can find more knee information, along with step-by-step animations, by viewing our patient education section.

*American Board Certification for Orthotics and Prosthetics